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 Katherine Sudduth:

The Fit Mom (Big Sister)

Katherine Sudduth, Katie to her closest friends and family, holds a Doctorate in Education and has worked in this field for over 16 years. She uses health, fitness and mindful meditation to keep herself grounded as she strives to inspire and motivate others, especially moms, through her company 100 Days of Workouts, LLC. 

The Fit Mom is the blog for the mom who wants to combine a healthy living and fitness. The mom who is mindful about self care. The mom who shares a bomb cupcake recipe followed by a simple home workout. Follow the Fit Mom one workout, one recipe and one goal at a time. 

Amy Baynard:

The Momager (Little Sister)

Amy Baynard is a fashion merchandising guru who has been making things irresistible to consumers for over 14 years. Leaving her hometown to accept a job offer at the tender age of 21, Amy chose not to attend her college graduation so that she could pursue her career. With a Masters in Apparel and textiles, Amy influences all moms with her trendy mom hacks! 


The Momager is the blog for the mom who wants to call her own shots. The busy mom. The mom with expensive taste but not all the funds to match. The mom who wants a family-friendly approach to absolutely killing the mom game but doesn’t know where to start. 

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