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Me Time: 7 Days A Week

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Ok ladies, finding time for myself is a struggle! Story of every mom’s life, right? Exactly! It wasn’t until recently that I actually felt like if I didn’t get to be alone, by myself, without someone touching me, I was going to lose my mind. Seriously…lose it! I started to feel crazy and EVERYTHING got on my nerves, even things that shouldn’t have gotten on my nerves, did. I struggled with this, and then the world decided to end, so factor that into my craziness.

My yoga mat was and is still my saving grace. It is on this mat that I am the smartest version of myself…no seriously! I’m a genius on that damn mat. I realized that I can be nothing to anybody’s anything if I am not entirely whole myself. See! Brilliant! So, I set forth to do the unthinkable…find time for MYSELF every freaking day of the week.

I don’t necessarily have anything planned, but I do crave out 2-3 hours of alone time. Even if I make up a reason to have to go to Target. It all works in my favor! So, I have a phrase for each day of the week that I use to claim time for myself, and so that my husband and kid know that Mommy isn’t playing around about her Me-Time! So far, it's working!

Me Time Monday:

During this lovely “Leave Mom Alone” day, I did absolutely nothing! And it was beautiful. I went to my office (there’s lounging furniture in there), turned on the TV and binge watched the last 3 episodes of “Hunters” on Amazon Prime. It was an amazing experience! I had no clue what was happening outside of my office door, and I didn’t care.

Take Back My Tuesday:

Again, I had nothing planned for this day, but I wasn’t going to let anyone in my house know that! The second my husband walked in the door from work, I yelled, “it’s Take Back My Tuesday” and went about doing just that! On this particular day, I went into the garage and worked out. This was the best workout I have had in 2 years! There was no little person standing in front of me pulling at my shirt while I tried to squat nor was there a grown person staring at me waiting for answers to questions that he had yet to married moms know the look! I took my sweet time, 2 hours to be exact, and I loved it.

Wind Down for 1 Wednesday:

I have decided that once a week, I will take a bath. Wednesday happens to be that day, and I do it big! Glasses of wine or the 3 Moscow Mules I drank during my session last week (I make my husband provide bottle service. He is not allowed to talk to me. He fills the glass and leaves), face masks, bubbles and the iPad so that I can watch whatever I want. I’m in my bathroom for hours! Still not caring about what is happening outside of those doors.

Totally Alone Thursday:

Another day where I find some place in my house, declare it off limits and dare anyone to ask me anything. I went back into my office and started a book I’ve been trying to read for 2 years. OMG! How sad am I?! Nonetheless, I was BY MYSELF!

Free From Y’all Friday

Today, I allowed my husband a little time to calm down from work before I shouted “it’s Free From Y’all Friday!” On this day, I decided that I didn’t want to be bothered with the whole bathe the kid and nighttime routine. So, I ate dinner with my family and then ghosted them! It was so worth it! I claimed the bedroom this day, showered, mediated in peace and let things outside that bedroom door be whatever they were.

Solo Saturday

This is my DAY! I get up early, do my yoga, take a Peloton class, and LEAVE THE HOUSE! I go to Starbucks, I go to Target, and wherever else I need to go that is easier to go by myself than it is with my family! I have a ball! Last Saturday, I was gone for 4 hours! WINNING!

Solitude Sunday

I use my Sunday alone time to prepare myself for the week ahead. The kid, work, husband, the house and everything that comes with that. It's a lot, and Mommy needs a moment or two to get herself together. So, I take every thought that might get in the way of me being amazing, and I let them go. One particular Sunday, I decided to do “Tour de Peloton.” I rode with all 23 instructors nonstop. It took me 3 hour

s and 45mins. I sweated, yelled at the screen and cursed loudly, but it was time all to myself!

Everyone’s Me Time will look different. It’s supposed too; it’s your Me Time! Just make sure you take it, every day, no matter what!

~The Fit Mom

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