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At Home Learning

Here we are again. It’s back to (home)school time! If I’m being honest, the past 6 months have been an endless summer (getting outside as much as possible), with a few reading and writing activities thrown in for good faith. Whether your kids are virtual learning, traditional or some form of hybrid we all want things to go as smoothly as possible. Right? So here is what I have done to hopefully set my daughter and myself up for our own kind of success!

1. Create a dedicated space:

I didn’t want to spend a significant amount of money, but I need things to be cute! LOL. I got myself a piece of pre-cut wood (board), and table legs from my local hardware store and went to work! It was super easy and turned out great!

2. Let’s Organize:

There is so much available out there, so get creative! A rolling cart is perfect for storing notebooks and arts and crafts. I have a first grader, so I wanted to label the drawers (reading practice for the win) so that she could easily find what she needs. Trying to create a little independence. If space is an issue, an over the door or wall mounted organizer will do just fine.

3. Get Visual:

Calendars are the best! I love writing things down. If you have multiple kids in school, this is a MUST! Even with a newer reader, the dry erase calendars are perfect and can reinforce learning months and days of the week! You can also use this to help your kiddos know what’s coming next during the day.

~The Momager

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