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All About AutoBrush®

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Ever fought with a 2 year old who wants to do nothing but suck the toothpaste off of the toothbrush when it’s time to brush his teeth? So gross...right? Or have to have a serious talk with a 6 year old who does a really good job brushing her front teeth yet totally ignores the teeth in the back? Like they don’t even exist back there! Of course you have Mom! Well, what if I told you there was a solution to these annoying little happenings?

Our lives changed for the better the day the AutoBrush arrived! We’ve had our AutoBrush tooth brushes for about 2 mouths, and they have completely changed the game! Not only has the toddler stopped sucking the toothpaste off of the brush, he dances while his AutoBrush works its magic! And the 6 year old…let’s just say that we will no longer be embarrassed at the dentist office talking about excessive plaque buildup! Now, her back teeth get just as much love and attention as her front teeth! The AutoBrush 4 Kids makes brushing fun with the cute animal designs, the fun lights and the lively music that plays while it does all of the hard work! The AutoBrush is designed to provide 360 degrees of nothing but clean teeth, and it accomplishes this goal in 30 seconds! Talk about a timesaver for a busy Mom!

Now, you guys know that we would never leave a fellow Mom out of all of the fun! AutoBrush has something for us too! Not only does this toothbrush brush every single angle of every single tooth in your mouth, it also whitens them in the process! Who doesn’t want an amazingly awesome smile that can be whitened with every brush? With the dental-grade Whitening Blue Light, AutoBrush offers the perfect way to incorporate an extra special treat into your everyday brushing routine. This light also kills bacteria while. Talk about an amazing two-for-one deal! And that’s not all this toothbrush offers! The Therapeutic Red LED Light improves and maintains optimal gum health, and it uses high vibrational frequencies to effectively remove plaque, with up to 30,000 sonic pulsations per minute (ADA approved BASS technique).

AutoBrush rids busy Moms of having to spend time convincing the little people in their lives that brushing your teeth is worth it! And gaining 2 additional minutes of sanity in the morning and at night is so worth it!

Right now there is a promotion going on where you can save up to $60 off right now. Plus, save another 10% with the How U Mommin code, HUM10 at checkout!

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