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Balancing Act

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Ever try to be everything for everyone, all the time while maintaining the utmost poise and control? And, when you get a brief moment to yourself, you feel like you’re committing a crime and should be doing something for someone else instead of taking this moment for you? I give myself pep talks all of the time, "It's okay to have time for yourself. You deserve it. Things will be just fine.", but the guilt of not including or spending time with my kid rears it's ugly head, and I feel really shitty about what I'm doing. Preaching to the choir...I know. Mommin' can really suck sometimes!

So, what do you do? Cry?..I have. Mom guilt is real, damn it! And, I’m super sensitive…ask my sister. LOL. Do I not take that moment to do something for myself, but instead do whatever the people who depend on me the most need me to do for them? I have...because I'm supposed to do that, right? As long as things are moving along smoothly, all is right in the world… No! No, they are not! I know…preaching to the choir, and this mommin' thins really can suck sometimes!

So...What do you do? I have begun to realize that I cannot be all in for everyone else if I am not all in for myself. How in the hell am I supposed to maintain all my awesomeness if I’m barely hanging on by a thread? I can’t. So, I had to find a balance. In doing so, I remember a few things that help with that annoying Mom guilt.

  • Listen to yourself when yourself says, “Enough is enough lady!”

  • Are your kids safe, fed and clean enough? Yes. Yes, they are. #winning

  • You are going to lose your mind if you don’t take care of you! (Me Time: 7 Days a Week. It’s a great read.)

It's a balancing act, and I'm learning that I need to be whole

for me in order to be whole for others.

~The Fit Mom

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