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Biker Shorts: Get You Some

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I’m really the type of mom who wants to look good with little effort and be comfortable at the same damn time! Insert my new favorite wardrobe piece, the Biker Short. I know, I know, but trust me. Initially, I felt ridiculous. Like... Why Am I In Bike Shorts? Am I biking somewhere? Do I Need A Helmet? Once I gained confidence from my girls and tried wearing them around the house, I liked them more and more.

Here are a few ways that you can rock the Biker Short.

The Shorts: I went with a pair I found on Groupon by RAG (also available in plus sizes). They are high-waist which is the only way I can wear these.

The Outfit:  Since an oversized graphic tee + yoga pants were one of my normal uniforms, I started there. And, I don’t hate it. Link these two winning pieces with a cute pair of sneakers, and you’re off!

The Shorts: Target always comes through in a clutch! I got the black, high waist All In Motion

brand and needless to say, they’re perfect, have pockets and are black. That’s a WIN!

The Outfit: Biker shorts with a crop top is pretty much a no brainer, and what’s great about this is that it’s perfect for all-day events. I have had days when I’ve worn this exact outfit to go hiking, and then threw on a jean jacket and wore it to lunch or to go shopping. I also like the idea of spicing up the look for an evening out. Is that a thing? Well, if you dare, pair it with a great structured black blazer and a pair of heels, and YAASSSS Queen!

The Shorts: Amazon is a beast and have absolutely everything with the best shipping and return policy! This pair is by Persit and a great fit, besides…CAMO.

The Outfit: Camo is technically the new black, so this pair can be paired with anything! I went with more of a day, on-the-go mom look. I paired it with a tank and bright tennis shoes to liven it up a bit. Throw on some “oh this old thing” jewelry and you’re off!

The Shorts: Sometimes you gotta go for a statement, and this hot pink biker short from Groupon

gave me just that!

The Outfit: This was easy as I default to animal print when I want to off-set something that might make me feel a little uncomfortable(i.e. color). This leopard print top was a hit! Easy to pair with an ole faithful Converse.

~The Momager

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