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FALL Jackets: Amazon Edition

Fall is in the air! It's time for pumpkin everything, firesides and layering with a good jacket! I have

recently become an Amazon Influencer and am challenging myself to find things that I can order on Amazon vs traditionally shopping in store. Jackets have always been an obsession of mine because they are easy to build your outfit if you have one great piece. I have bought the following jacket trends that will leave you feeing fabulous and not break the bank!

Plaid Perfection:

Stand out in a statement plaid that will get you noticed from a mile away. Whether you go short or long, shapley or baggy, plaids are sure to always be Fall staples. So, give that plaid- flannel waiting to breakout of the closet a break. This one from Amazon is easy to pair with mom jeans, and the colors alone will make you feel all holiday ready- you're welcome. find it HERE.

Military Madness:

With large pockets and oversized silhouettes, the military-inspired jackets are going to be everywhere this fall, again. Accessorize with pops of color and booties to make it your style! Find this Military Inspired Jacket HERE.

Bomb Bombers:

The '80s are calling, and they want you to buy a bomber jacket. The bolder the better! This particular one I found comes in so many colors and print. Mix up your look with a statement jacket like this one, and spice up any pair of legging/tee combo! Find this cutie in a plethora of prints HERE.

Denim Days:

Denim has a way of always making itself into my wardrobe favorites. A longline silhouette makes it feel a little more special than just

your usual trucker jacket. Try this one from Amazon, and take your denim to another level. Find this attention grabber HERE.

~The Momager

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