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Fall Workout Playlist:

Winter is upon us which means ALL the holiday food is too! I’d like to say I do a good job at not overindulging, but I don’t like to deny myself during the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” On the other hand, I do believe that my summer body is built in the winter. In order to make it through those much needed workouts sessions, I have to have a banging playlist!

No matter what type of music you’re into, playing music you enjoy while you exercise can make a workout a lot more fun. Whether you use it to pump yourself up for exercise or to get you past the "I'm about to give up" moment, music can help you feel more motivated and enhance your workout least it works for me!

If you want to create a motivating workout playlist, follow these tips.

  • - Choose upbeat, energizing tracks that will keep you moving.

  • - Look for inspiring or motivational lyrics.

  • - Pick music that suits your workout style. For example, the music you listen to during a HITT workout might be a bit different from the music you choose for a strength training workout.

  • - Think about the beat. Working out in time to the beat can help you to get into the “zone.” I like to use this tip when picking music to run to.

~The Fit Mom

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