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Halloween on Lockdown

I think it's been pretty well established that Halloween is going to look… a little different this year. OK, OK maybe a lot different, but that depends on where you live. In my neighborhood there has been talk around people putting tables at the end of their driveways or leaving out individual bags of candy for kids to retrieve. This would essentially remove some of the risk associated with germs, taking away hundreds of kids (not exaggerating) going door to door. We like the idea enough to maybe jump on the bandwagon and let the littles partake, but there’s a big question mark on how many households would participate and feel comfortable.

So, I decided to create a Halloween fest of sorts at our house for a little family fun just to make sure it was still special. Below is just a quick recap of what I did for a pre-party (pre-game back in my day). Here’s what I came up with.

Table Set Up:

· Food- I made some spooky Pinterest treats and decorated the table with dollar spot deals and help from Everly. Pictured are witches’ brooms, ghost marshmallows, eyes tray gummies, chocolate dipped pretzel sticks, and the dreadful Halloween tradition, candy corn.


· Eyeball Pong- This is literally just like beer pong but with blood juice (fruit punch) and a Ping-Pong ball that I drew an eye on. Gotta teach em early how get through those college years!

· Pumpkin Decorating- Pretty self-explanatory. Get as extravagant as you want but I just laid out some markers and googly eyes and Everly had a ball!

· Halloween dance off- Put on some tunes and sweat it out as a family!

There's still time to create a little party at home! This was low maintenance and a lot of FUN!

~The Momager

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