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I Like Big Books

I have been lovingly teased the entirety of my life for my love of books. So. I like to read. I can’t help it. While I think that the whole e-book thing is convenient, nothing beats a good old hardback book…I’m a nerd! So what!

Lately, I’ve had a couple of books in rotation. They each serve a different purpose and since multitasking is a Mommin’ superpower, I have no problem keeping up with the different content each book provides. However, I probably do this out of fear of never being able to sit still long enough to read one book at a time, so I have to have 3 to 4 in rotation so I don’t miss anything…OMG! I used to be so cool. Now, my worry is not being able to read a freaking book!

Anyway…I’m reading a few things these days. No worries, I’m not giving any summaries because I’m not a book spoiler! One day, I’ll finish them all…Watch!

"Toddlers are Assholes {It's Not Your Fault}" by Bunmi Laditan This book was gifted to me by my sister. The mom who wrote this reminds you that you don’t suck at motherhood and that however

you’re mommin’ is the best way to do it! Who doesn’t need to hear that?! I’m the mom of a 2 year old boy…I need to hear it!

#IMOMSOHARD” by Kristen Hensley & Jen Smedley These moms have it together and have nothing together all at the same time! With chapters like “I Keep It Together So Hard”, “I Body After Baby So Hard,” and “I Keep Fools Alive So Hard,” there’s bound to be a chapter that speaks to you. I’ve read 6 chapter of this book so far, and they all have spoken to me.

"Talking to Strangers" by Malcolm Gladwell I bought this book because I heard 2 people at Costco, who were having a very intelligent conversation about respecting books and introducing this particular book at their next book club. For a second, I wanted to be a part of their book club, but I was breast feeding at the time and hadn’t figured out how I would make that work, so I ear hustled and decided that I need to have this book too. I’ve had it for a year and have only recently started to read it. I've only read 4 chapters so far, and I feel smart again.

“The Meaning of Mariah Carey” by Mariah Carey So, I need a trashy novel in my life, and this happens to be the one I have chosen for now. Ms. Carey is spilling all of the tea, and I am here for it all! This book tells all the things that need to be told and explains away the crazy label so many have put on her. And, she's quite funny.

I haven’t forgot about the kids! Here are a few of Nolan Grey’s current fall favorites, and I have actually read them from cover to cover! Cute Books.

  • “Room on the Broom” by Julia Donaldson

  • “It’s Pumpkin Day Mouse” by Laura Numeroff

  • “Pete the Cat: Five Little Pumpkins” by James Dean

My 6 year old niece has begun a love affair with books, or so I’d like to think.

Her newest challenge...chapter books. Her fall pick is:

  • “The Friendship Garden: Pumpkin Spice” by Jenny Meyerhoff

Because EVERYONE needs to be a good human who raises a good human! This book is for all ages. Moms included.

“Antiracist Baby” by Ibram X. Kendi

All of these books can be found HERE! Enjoy!!

~The Fit Mom

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