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Kitchen Quickies: Halloween Spirits

It’s Halloween, you may not be able to trick or treat but you can Trick and Drink! I've thought about what we should do as a family to make sure that Halloween is special and I decided that calls for drinking. First, I'll get tons of candy and put my son in a wagon to walk the neighborhood in costume. Second, every time he spots a Halloween decoration I'll tell him to say, "trick or treat" and I'll throw some candy into his bucket! Brilliant, I know!

I have a lot of easy drink recipes but for the sake of the season, I had to make an apple themed adult beverage! So, here is an easy, delicious recipe for Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria!


1 Bottle Prosecco

2.5 Cups Apple Cider

1 Cup Club Soda

½ Cup Disaronno

Garnish…Because drinking should be cute.

Apple Slices

Cinnamon Sticks


Mix it all together, garish and ENJOY!

~The Fit Mom

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