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Let It Go! It's 2021...Finally!

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After what seemed to be the “year from Hell,” 2021 is finally here! Time to rid ourselves of the things that held us back, the things that did not make us happy and the things that…well, just get rid all of the bullshit! So, on January 1st, in the midst of celebrating my birthday, I make sure that I and everything/everyone in my house, is ready to enter the New Year with nothing but positive vibes! A few things I do are:

I Sage my house! Goodbye 2020 nonsense!

  • I open every door and window in the house! Do not let the weather dictate this…every door and window gets opened! Periodt! You’ll be thankful you did this once you light the Sage.

  • I choose a mantra. It can be anything you want it to be: a meaningful saying, lyrics from your favorite song, get the F#*% out 2020…whatever. Live your life!

  • I light White Sage because it cleanses, purifies and has protective features which get rid of negative vibes. I use a beautifully flower wrapped White Sage or Chakra White Sage

  • I walk through every room of the house, waving the sage stick and repeating my mantra.


  • I unplug! Get rid of any and everything that might possibly bother you… No phone, no T.V., no radio, send the kids and the spouse outside! You need total peace and quiet.

  • I take a few quiet moments for myself in my freshly saged house, set my intentions for the New Year, and sit with them for as long as I need to sit (which is usually about 10-15 mins. Well, because the house will self destruct if I'm out of sight for too long.) I sometimes light Blue Sage for this because it brings wealth, health, prosperity, healing, and coolness to your life. It also sets the mood for my mediation.

Now, kick ass in 2021 Mama’s!

~The Fit Mom

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