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MOM HACK: Artist Book

I foster creativity and crafts in my household mostly because I love to draw, paint and create. It's a special way to use our imaginations and create a whole world of unicorns, outdoor scenery and family portraits.With this love of art, I have also created a little self proclaimed Picasso-mini hoarder! Everly draws constantly and wants everything hung up for display and cherished by all who witness these works of art. The piles of "art" started to takeover my walls, refrigerator and inside my cabinets(because I wouldn't dare throw any of it out). I had to come up with a solution!

I decided to use one of the online photo printing companies and create an Everly Art Book! It was the smartest thing I've done in awhile! It came out so amazing and my daughter was so proud! I'll be making many more as the years go by and it's an awesome way to capture memories to be cherished for years to come. This now also means that I don't have to keep the countless pieces of paper- I mean art.

Heres what I did:

  1. Took separate pictures of all the "special" artwork.

  2. Went online to and created a hardback book. Bonus-They give 60% off on your first purchase.

  3. Uploaded all the pictures in whatever order I wanted and I even added some colorful backgrounds.

  4. Waited on the masterpiece to arrive!

~The Momager

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