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Mom Hack: Shoe Labels

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Little kids shoes are so small that it can often times be difficult to tell the right from the left, or at least this is what I told myself as my daughter put her shoes on the wrong feet for a whole year (year 4) of her life. Plus, once kids start dressing themselves, they get fiercely independent about the whole putting on shoes task. The question that rang loud in my house every time we were headed out the door was, "is this the right foot?" and she’d be standing there with the left shoe double knotted on her right foot.

So, to make things so much easier and avoid temper tantrums and blisters alike, simply grab a Sharpie and write a small or big, easy to read "L" and "R" on the soles of your kids' shoes. They are not only putting their shoes on the right foot, but you are teaching them acronyms (yay you). Problem solved!


~The Momager

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