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New Year: New Organization

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While I’m definitely not the most organized person in the world (I have friends that would disagree), I do keep things somewhat organized when it comes to my kids. When Everly was just a baby, I learned that staying organized just a little really helps my sanity and the littles as well. Some sense of organization just helps for a happier home and I like to keep everyone on the same page if I can. Also, since the New Year has finally arrived, I really want to start fresh. Cliche, I know.

Here are a few tips that help us stay organized as a family:

Recipe Repeat

Every couple months I’ll go through my cookbooks (Thug Kitchen is on heavy rotation these days) and Pinterest of course to choose new meals for the week/month. We have our standard quick and easy meals in rotation, along with the occasional frozen pizza but it’s nice adding in some new ones too. I loathe meal prepping, but I do like to get some sense of direction before heading to the grocery store for the week.

My Good Girlfriend Alexa

We can’t live without our Amazon home products and Alexa is literally my BFF! LOL. From looking up recipes, checking the weather, and setting off dance parties to helping the kiddos Everly with her homework… we use them all the time. We honestly have them in every room! I know that some mama’s are Google Girls but you still understand.

Delivery Services

This is a MUST! How U Mommin wrote about our favorite wine subscription in a post recently-here. Let’s just say I’m thankful for food delivery subscriptions…and wine ones too! I’m also all about using Amazon for auto-delivery when it comes to things like toilet paper, diapers, snacks for the kids, and tons of household basics that need the same time every month or so. It’s just one less thing to remember.

Chart Cray Cray

We’re just kinda getting into this so I’d love all your opinions as well but letting the our oldest know what she is responsible for has been really helpful. We keep a chore chart and family calendar in the kitchen for easy accessibility. I thought this one was good for us because you can redo both every month for the calendar and as needed for the chore chart.

Closet Clean Out

This is something that always makes me feel good! Cleaning out a closet is so rewarding- Am I right? I try to do closet clean outs for the entire house. This includes bedrooms and storage closets. I just get a few boxes or trash bags if it's not salvagable and get to work. It feels good to clear out and donate the items we have outgrown or no longer use. Once I complete clearing out all the closets, I like to add in a few new staples to transition into the next season.

~The Momager

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