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Quarantine Beauty

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I love a trip to the nail salon…pick a color, sit down in that massage chair and let the magic happen. Flaunting freshly painted nails is my thang, but painting them is not my ministry! I always sike myself up by saying “you got this Katie! It’s not that hard.” Then I remember what a shitty nail artist I am. It’s also always my luck that as I take the last polish stroke, I have to pee or my son runs in and grabs the polish or puts his little finger on my nail smudging the paint. I would love nothing more than to leave all this nail painting business to the professionals, but since 2020 decided not to corporate, that luxury visit is not on my to-do list. I will forever remember March 9th, 2020, my last trip to the nail salon.

So, here I am about to give you my secret: Impress Nails

These things are seriously the best thing that has happened to me this year (okay, maybe not the best, but they are definitely in the top 5 of best things). Let me be clear, these are not the Lee Press on Nails from B.C. They must have been created by women because they are the real deal ladies!

The benefits:

  • Fast and easy to apply. It takes me a mere 10 minutes to put these babies on. I can even do it with Nolan, my son, sitting as close to me as physically possible! He practices counting while I stick them on. I put a little nail glue on them for reassurance. I little safety net never hurts.

  • Easy Removal. Remove what? I just wait for them to fall off. When they’re done, they’re done.

  • They actually stay on. Yes. I get 2 whole weeks of flawlessness, and I have an active 2 year old and wash my hand constantly!

  • Cheaper than the salon! These babies cost $7.99! Don’t let me catch a sale at the CVS! All of the colors will be bought!

  • They are so fun! There are so many different colors, designs, and sparkles that you’ll never get bored! Some even come with spicy design nails just like the ones you see on Pinterest! No worries. There are also the simple more neutral color pallets for all the sophisticated ladies out there.

Take advantage of these lifesavers! We may be stuck in the house, but we don’t have to have fingers as a result of it!

~The Fit Mom

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