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Quarantine Date Nights

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I don’t know about everyone else but social distancing is putting a damper on my date nights. My Husbae and I like to get out alone at least once a month. So, since that really isn’t ideal during these trying times, we have gotten creative. One way that we have been able to maintain some spark and sanity is by creating our own date nights without even leaving the house. We put the kids to bed, and get to dating!

Some ways we achieve quarantine date nights include:

Drink Party

The temptation to opt for some form of comfy loungewear at home all day every day is tough to ignore. But, I also can’t deny the urge to look like “me” and remind my man how irresistible I really am. LOL! So, I put on my face (light makeup), and cuter than normal loungewear and voila!

Honor the occasion with a semi-formal drinks party (my better half is the mixologist) for you both, where you can make creative cocktails with whatever you've got at home. 

Spa Day

It's now easier than ever to recreate a relaxing spa experience in your home. A scented candle, face masks, a little massage oil, slow jams and you're away.

During this time, you both can be open to communicate and communicate openly. Communication can cure anything in my book and during these unprecedented times you and your partner need to be in tune and able to talk about emotions.

Movie Bucket List

This is a given! We've all got that Netflix list a mile long with saved films we'll get to "one day."

Well, that day is today and tomorrow and the next day! Spending more time at home means both of you can get around to watching the movies/series you always said you would. Take turns picking the entertainment to spice it up a bit. Switch off the lights, pop some popcorn, and grab a drink.


It might seem a little basic, but eating your favorite snacky foods on a blanket can be a novelty if you bring the right energy. If you have a backyard and the weather for it, you're good to go, but the picnic date idea is transferable to balconies, living room floors, or the bed. It doesn’t matter. Pack up and Picnic!

Pre-Quarantine Date! We look so happy!

~The Momager

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