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REVIEW: Keenz Stroller Wagon-7S

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

It’s a wagon! It’s a stroller! It’s a stroller-wagon!

I have been eyeing this baby for some time and finally pulled the trigger. Let’s just say, there is no regret! This genius piece of equipment is versatile, compact when needed, and sleek for a Strowag (this is what I call it). Keenz describes their strollers as functional, versatile, and high quality in looks and performance. Guess What? I totally agree! Its features are convenient for parents and comfortable for little ones (and my 6 year old).

Pros- This joint is plush!

  • Adjustable handles on either side of the wagon

  • Easy to use braking system

  • Can set wheels to move straight or swivel

  • Comes with an adjustable cup holder

  • There are mesh sun shades on either side to protect that precious cargo from dangerous rays

  • Roof is collapsible

  • External storage area for parents

  • Cooler for juice boxes and water (White Claws)

  • Fabric is washable...because kids are gross

Cons- There aren’t many cons for this model. But If I had to point out something…….

  • Canopy is very tall

  • No foot-well

  • This stroller-wagon dream is not cheap! It runs about $450, so it will make you think twice before purchasing. I happened to find it on Amazon with a “click coupon” option for an extra 10% off. Not much but again, I don’t regret this purchase.

*I have received nothing in exchange for this post. Just a mom who loves her baby gadgets!

~ The Momager

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