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Self-Care: Doing it with the Family

I am the self-proclaimed Queen of “Me Time,” and the #1 advocate of Self-care for moms. However, I am also the mother of a toddler, and know that no matter how much I’d love to have "Me Time" by myself, it will not always happen. So, I’ve made some adjustments and figured out how to practice self-care while including my family.

In my wise age (a line I’ve started using now that my 30’s are coming to an end), I have realized that self-care doesn’t always have to be done alone (this is absolutely a new revelation). It can totally be something that you just enjoy doing, have always wanted to do, or simply something that is out of your normal routine of things to do. Get in touch with your creative, fun-loving side and make plans to do some fun Fall activities…I had to dig deep. Creativity is totally my sister’s wheelhouse, but I’m a planner! So, I can absolutely do this! I thought about things that were fun to do when I was a child, and the things that I would like to experience with my child.

I came up with these activities:

  • Apple Picking! I have this undying love for apples and have always wanted to pick them myself. I found a few apple orchards nearby, packed snacks, loaded up the car and off we went. It was a quick little day trip that turned out to be packed full of fun and different activities to do!

  • Hiking at a Nature Preserve. Who would have thought that there was a nature preserve right smack in the middle of the city of Atlanta? Certainly not me, and I’ve lived here for 12 years! This place was tucked away about 5 mins form my house, and we had a ball. The trails were great, the water falls were pretty and Nolan Grey even went dolphin hunting while we were there. Of course, there were no dolphins, but Nolan saw water and there was no telling him otherwise.

  • Visit a farm. Since the world shutdown, I’ve been on a mission to find all of the outdoor activities I can, and I came across a farm with tones of activities! So, off we went! There were huge tunnel slides, tractor rides, a flower field and pumpkin patch!

A great time was had by all! We were able to let loose and have fun all while enjoying being out of the house. Self-care for the entire family!

~The Fit Mom

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