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So, You're Having Another Baby...

Well, here I am, 40 years old and prepping for baby number 2. Things are definitely different this time around. That innocent pregnancy sparkle from the first go round is definitely gone and has been replaced with a glazed over, WTF look. Having a second baby is super exciting (I’m literally due any day now), but the reality is that bringing home baby number two is going to be a whole different ball game! Especially with a 2 year old just waiting to see exactly what this "baby in Mommy's belly deal" is all about.

Now that we are upon the due date-and it can’t come fast enough, here are 5 things that were a must to get done before I bring this kid home. Because having a second baby is a little different than the first…especially when you're 40 years old.

  1. Prepare a Postpartum Kit: I'm not talking about that fluffy, cute, little kit that has all of that cute stuff you will never use in it. I'm talking about jumbo pads, a portable shower head (the one with the water bottle know because there is no wiping), disposable breast pads, medicated hemorrhoid pads and really big comfortable panties that cover everything!

  2. Stock up on essentials: Essentials being things you like to have so that you don't have to wait for anyone to bring anything to you. At my house, there are diapers, diaper cream, onesies and muslin blankets in the rooms where I spend the most time. This way, I always have access to these necessities. Wine is also an essential...I've gone 40 weeks without it. It is essential that I have it.

  3. Meal Prep: It just makes life an easier place to live in! I use a food delivery service. One where the meals are already prepared and all you have to heat them up and eat. There are tons of them available.

  4. Baby Number 2 Things: New bottles, bottle cleaning brush, a breast pump (if that's your thing), burp cloths, baby monitor #2

  5. Clean up old stuff: Because I knew I was going to have 1 more kid, I kept all of the things that actually got used in storage. The car seat, bath tub, swing, diaper bag, basinet, and highchair have been retrieved and cleaned in preparation for the new kid.

You may not be that doe-eyed, innocent ,first-time mom skipping over green pastures of pre-baby bliss and that's ok! Because this time, you are way better! You are an experienced, conquering warrior who knows her SHIT. So while you may not be folding baby clothes into tiny squares and planning nursey themes at 13 weeks, you know that being prepared is the better way to go!

~The Fit Mom

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