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There Was This One Time...

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

About 3 years ago, I was really cool…the kind of cool where I could walk around in the world without being constantly touched, I could eat without a little hand reaching for whatever was on my plate or almost in my mouth, where there wasn't a little face appearing and asking, “what to doing Mommy?” every time I walked into the bathroom, and where my bed was all mine! Now, here we are, and I’m a different kind of cool. Apparently, this kind of cool requires that I have nothing that is truly mine! Not even my own damn bed! No matter what I try, my Little Buddy finds his way to me and my bed.

Naptime…He climbs into my lap, does this fake cry thing that literally lasts all of 30 secs and falls asleep on me. I take him to his bed and carry on doing things that I can’t do while he’s awake, like fold the laundry. Well, you know…because Nolan Grey makes it his mission to destroy every neatly folded pile. He always accomplishes this mission. It’s a battle I choose not to fight. While I will have laid him in his room to nap, he wakes up in my bed. He even has the nerve to bring his own blanket and pull back the sheets on the bed that I made! No clue when he goes into my room, he doesn’t consult with me. I just find him there.

Bedtime…We wind down, sometimes I slip him some Melatonin, and we’ll lay in his room and talk about how cool it is in there. He falls asleep, and I celebrate as I creep out. Sometimes, I’ll get to shower, lay down, decompress and actually fall asleep before he comes tapping on my face saying, “Mommy, Nolan gets in the bed. Please.” and then just crawls into my bed often times with objects he feels as though should sleep with us. Other times, he is in my bed and has fallen back to sleep before I can even get out of the shower. Even if I give it a minute before I move him back into his bed, he always comes back. I have even left him in my bed and gone to the guest room…he found me.

So, I will continue to fight the battle of “YOU WILL SLEEP IN YOUR OWN BED” because I have to do it! I have to win! See what my life has come too…I now gain my coolness by winning against a 2 year old.

~The Fit Mom

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