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We're In This Together

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

My quarantine began on Friday, March 13th when I was told to make sure that every kid in the school had access to a laptop, could log into Google Classroom or have printed assignments for the next 2 weeks, to grab any and everything needed to do my job effectively from home, and get out of the school building! On Friday, March 13th, my family’s “new normal” began…and I gained a new co-worker.

Morning Office Pep Talk

Working from home is nothing I dreamed it would be…nothing at all! My sister works from home and has always bragged about how fascinating it is… being able to have the house to herself, having the time to get things done by herself, being at home by herself (she made sure I heard this one). So… was always my response, and then it happened for me! I was going to work from home! Yep, I’m working from home, and I have new co-worker… 2 year old Nolan Grey.

I should report my co-worker to Human Resources, but the world is in a state of crisis, and HR is his dad… so there’s that. I try to motivate him with words of encouragement for a good day...he never seems interested, but he entertains the gesture anyway. That's courteous of him.

However, my co-worker is terrible while we are in the office. He falls asleep on the job and yells random things about his “peanuts” during my Zoom presentations, because he is currently obsessed with his penis . He is always asking for snacks, throws things just because it’s fun to see stuff “fly mommy, see?”, and he takes off his pants without notice leaving me to explain things to a group of people staring at us from the internet giggling and stating how cute he is. So embarrassing. I work in chaos. It really is an unfit situation.

I really do not think that he is going to get fired, so I’ve decided to soak in all of the new and exciting things I am learning about Nolan Grey and myself. My multitasking skills are currently untouchable! Yeah, I said it! Nolan’s attention span is gaining some ground! Who knew?! And, our relationship is reaching new heights…he will still change his mind on what I thought was a solid agreement, but that just proves he has critical thinking skills. Genius!

I’m working from home now, and we’re in this together.

While my mommin’ has definitely reached a new level, here I am killing it! Prepared…Hell No! But, what Mom ever is? We just go forth and conquer because that’s what moms do in all their badass infinite glory!

I’m finally getting to work from home, and my sister lied to me.

~The Fit Mom

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