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Whatcha Working With

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I like to look my best for whatever I am doing. Whether I am in these streets Mommin my way through the aisles of the grocery store pretending I know exactly what I am there to buy (even when I have a list, and I always have a list because I’m a planner…remember. It may not always be helpful, but I have it), or if I’m at home only getting the outside action of my backyard, I like to look good doing it. It makes me feel good. I am more productive when I feel good. And, who just doesn’t want to feel good? Am I right, or am I right ladies?! This goes for working out as well. If I have cute workout clothes, I feel good about myself. In turn, I am more productive, and this means I’m about to kill this workout…even if it’s only 30 minutes long. Because you know…toddler mom over here.

So, who has cute, comfortable, won’t slide off of my ass (and I have some to spare) during a difficult yoga pose, a run or squat session workout clothes? Well, I have a few favs. Let’s talk about them!

  • Champion. Available at Target and for the price point, they’re a steal! Not to mention the fashionable patterns and trendy colors they offer, these tights (pants and capris) work perfect for a yoga session. They don’t have as much compression in them as I’d like for them to have, but they get the job done. They also work well as an “I’m running errands with the kids, and we might stop by the park on the way home” fit. Throw on a loud shoe and a jean jacket, and I’m killin’ it! They range in price from 19.99 to 32.00, and have pockets. Pockets ladies! Freaking genius!

  • Old Navy High-waist compression pants/shorts/capris. When I say these pants suck you in and hold you right there in all of the places that you might have questions about…Yes, Yes, Yes! They work well for me during a run, strength training session, riding my Peloton or hitting the yoga mat. They come in a variety of colors and prints, fit true to size and some have pockets! They range from 19.99 to 49.99, but catch them on sale! Old Navy always has an amazing sale.

  • Fabletics High-waist, compression pants and capris. So, you’ll need to subscribe for $49.99 a month because if you don’t, you will pay an astronomical amount for something that can be purchased elsewhere for way less. However, you can “skip a month” every month if you want. I do it when I am attempting to save money. They fit comfortably, come in every color you can imagine and have different styles for different types of workouts. I use them for yoga. They also have pockets. Who doesn’t need a pocket?

  • Nike High-waist, compression pants and capris. The more money you pay, the better the compression, but the ones I can afford work just fine! I just wait for a sale or hit the Nike outlet and find the expensive ones for half the price. I run and squat my life away in these tights, and they stay in place.

  • Athleta. Anything with Powervita fabric. They are expensive. However, these are the softest things I have ever put on my body. The people at Athleta are special, very special. I run, squat, walk, skip, flip, do yoga and just stand still in them.

So, if the workout tights have compression, I’m here for it. As long as they are cute and work well with multiple types of workouts…I’m not that easy.

*None of these brands have paid me for my opinion, I’m just obsessed with working out and thought I’d share what works for me!

~The Fit Mom

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