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Why I Sent Myself to Timeout

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Mommin has to be the toughest job in the existence of mankind. I mean, your sole responsibility as a mom is to keep another person alive until they can do it themselves, and let’s face it, moms never really give up this responsibility. We will wear ourselves down making sure that our kids are okay, that they are alright and that they are setup for greatness. My mom is still mommin, and my sister and I are way past the age of being able to “do it ourselves.” Mommin is the toughest job in the existence of mankind.

However, there are times when we have to recognize when we need to take a breather. In a recent conversation with myself (yes, I talk to myself and often times I answer myself too…it’s perfectly okay. I give sound advice.), I said to me, “This job is exhausting, and for the love of your sanity, help yourself!” So I did, and I sent myself to timeout because Mommin is the toughest job in the existence of mankind.

During my timeout, I somewhat checked out from what was happening around me. This was not a “me time” situation where I could enjoy being alone, by myself and carefree. It was a “go ask your Dad” or “figure it out “moment because someone in this house other than me had to be capable of making a decision. I did not have any answers; I did not have the brain capacity to make yet another decision for the greater good of mankind. So, I sent myself to timeout. I had to do it. I needed to “get myself together” so that I could function as the awesome mom my family needs me to be.

I do not send myself to timeout often; I make sure to get a little alone time each day of the week, but even that involves planning, and in some moments, I do not have a plan or the time to plan. So, I send myself to timeout because I have to in order to continue performing the toughest job in the existence of mankind...Mommin.

~The Fit Mom

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