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"You're A Whole Mom Now"

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Just a little background: I was the first in my immediate circle to "settle down." I was married first, and a few years later, had a baby. I was stamped as not available!

Married life was already different, but as soon as you have a baby, you are bombarded with "advice." Well, it's more like, things you never asked anyone, but let's not get into that part. If you are like me and had a family before most of your circle, you hear "But you're a whole mom now." This sums up to (in your head) that you can't dress like you use to or go out anymore to shake dat ass because the "fun you" has been taken over by this mommy thing. So, just as soon as you think you are all good in the navigation of womanhood, you have to add in the navigation of motherhood and how you're going to fit "you" into this new normal.

It may take you more time than you imagine to get back to you, but it's possible. I did it! There is nothing that I don't do now because I'm a mom. I actually feel more liberated and free! Here are a few things that you can still do as a mom, honey.

Work or Not: This is a battle I think a lot of moms have with themsleves, and this is a decision that only you can make. If you have to go back to work or want to go back to work, it's OK! You should never have to choose between being a "good" mother or successful career woman. You can do both!

Take Personal Time: This little tidbit took me some time. Taking time for yourself, away from your children is imperative, and I believe makes you a better mom somehow. Whether it's a spa day, trip to Target or a girls weekend, DO IT!

Wear What You Want: If you feel good in it, wear it! End of Story! But don't be afraid to reinvent yourself if you need a new look that matches this new woman.

*Pro Tip- Find something that still makes you feel like you even though you feel

defeated. I always try to wear lipgloss/stick and mascara daily. It just makes me feel like


Take Care of Your Undercarriage: Get waxed, shave it, lotion it or whatever! It's really the one thing that you can say is YOURS!

- The Momager

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